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Universal Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder



  • Main Device
  • USB style power adapter
  • Mini USB Lead (to charge recorder and to connect to a PC)
  • Headset with answer switch

 Before You Start!

You must fully charge your recorder. You can do this by connecting the mini USB lead into recorder and the power adapter or by connecting it to the USB port on any PC.

 It will take approximately 5 hours to fully charge.

 To turn Call recorder on/off simply press and hold the ‘End’ key for a few seconds.

 Note – If it is on, the LCD may go blank to save power, simply press the

Record key to restore the display.


Getting Started

 To start using recorder, you must first: Set Time & Date.

Set Security & other parameters.

Link recorder to your phone using Bluetooth.

Connect recorder to your PC to install the software supplied and to view the manuals.

 Set The Time & Date:

 1.      Press ‘Menu’ on the navigation keys to show the main menu.

2.      Select ‘3 Settings’.

3.      Select ‘5 Date & Time’.

4.      Select ‘1’ to set the Date (use Up/Down menu navigation keys and ‘Next’ to set).

5.      Press ‘OK’ when Date is set and follow the same procedure to set the Time.

6.      Press ‘Back’ key to display main screen and to confirm Date & Time are correct.

 Set Security & Other Parameters:

Recorder has the following important security features: Keypad lock to stop unauthorized access (after idle timeout).

Password protected USB access to stop unauthorized access to your recordings from a PC.

 To set the security you desire:

1.      Press ‘Menu’ on the navigation keys to show the main menu.

2.      Select ‘3 Settings’, Select ‘6 Security’.

3.      Enter the password (default ‘0000’).

4.      Select to have Key Lock on/off (and set timer).

5.      Select to have USB Lock on/off.

6.      Select to change the Key Code (max 8 digits) from the default (we recommend you always do this).

7.      Select Back, Select ‘7 System’, select ‘4 Auto Lock’.

8.      Select an idle timeout for the Key Lock.

You are now ready to connect recorder to your mobile.

 Connecting To Your Mobile

 Recorder uses Bluetooth to connect to and record your mobile phone calls. You will need to use the functions of your mobile phone as well.

To allow your mobile phone to search and find recorder BCR-0080

 1.      Press ‘Menu’ on the navigation keys to show the main menu.

2.      Select ‘4 Bluetooth’.

3.      Make sure item 3 ‘Discover’ is on (you may wish to change the default

Bluetooth PIN too – default is ‘0000’).

With Bluetooth Discover on and the PIN set, you can now set your Mobile phone to discover and connect to recorder.

You will need to consult your Mobile user guide on how to discover and connect to Bluetooth devices.

 Once your mobile has found the recorder, you will need to enter your chosen password to connect. Once you are connected, the Bluetooth logo on the recorder LCD will be dark.

Making & Recording Calls

 It is initially set to record all incoming and outgoing calls, see the full user guide for all recording options.

Important   - Calls will only be recorded when you use recorder to answer or make outgoing calls. If you make calls using just your mobile, they will not be recorded unless you transfer to the recorder and manually confirm.

Use it to dial out via your Mobile (keypad plus Call Key) or answer incoming calls to your Mobile (just press Call/Answer key).

Calls can be made via the Call recorder microphone and earpiece or via the headset supplied (with answer button) or using recorder’s in-built speakerphone (available on the menu keys when you are on a call).

 Listening To Recording

 It will save the date, time, duration, caller id and other parameters with each call. 

To list and play calls simply press ‘Log’ on the navigation keys from the main screen, list all calls and scroll to the call you wish to play (to play, press ‘1’).

 It can search and play calls using many different search methods using the ‘List’ function.

Connecting To Your PC via USB

Connecting recorder to your PC via USB will allow you to:

 Install the Desktop software supplied (to manage your calls on your PC). Install the recorder configuration software.

Access the recorder memory

 To connect recorder to your PC, simply connect the mini USB cable between your PC and it and select ‘USB Mode’ from the main menu (you may need to enter a password).