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About Us !

SoftSwitch™ specializes in providing voice recording and consultancy services to businesses in all industries. Voice solutions are professional solutions for logging, recording and analysing telephonic customer service and management within an organisation. Increased pressure from clients demanding exceptional service levels and improved and long-term customer relationships is putting an ever-increasing need on any company to implement a system that will help to better deal with clients…a system that will assist with all business processes.

Companies that need voice solutions to be integrated are companies that:
• are in an industry that deals with clients over the phone,
• want to deliver top customer service and support, and
• are in an industry where voice records are governed by law.

Telephone management systems, call centre management systems and voice recording solutions are some of the available options. These can be used as separate packages, but can be upgraded or built into one unique system specially engineered to the company or industry’s specific needs. This is done to ensure that systems don’t become outdated and obsolete due to certain features not being present that are required to remain successful in an ever-changing business world. Unique solutions are available for anyone involved in call handling, from call centre supervisors, to call centre management. Single user recording systems, right up to recording systems that can cater to large numbers provide a unique solution for any sized company or establishment. Voice recording solutions provide numerous benefits for the company as well as the clients.

Accurate records of conversations assist in resolving queries with certainty leading to increased service ability, and the recordings aid in staff training in areas where productivity and service delivery needs to be increased. The recordings also act as legal evidence in court proceedings, and address all the requirements placed on a business for secure transactions done via the telephone. Quality recordings and easy searching facilities are combined to provide a cost effective way of addressing any ‘hear-say’ issues and legal disputes.

At SoftSwitch™, we will get to understand your business needs and will, based on your requirements, design the appropriate solutions for you.