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SoftSwitch handset recording adapter

SoftSwitch handset recording adapter

Under some circumstances where analog recording boards are used to record digital phones or where analog lines cannot be connected in parallel, there is probably a need of recording through handset of phones. At present, most telephone handset interfaces are RJ9 (4P4C) jack. A telephone handset consists of two parts – headphone and microphone. 4 pins in an RJ9 jack respectively connect to 2 components, with different connection methods and polarity arrangements from various manufacturers. The SoftSwitch handset recording adapter HandSet-JB, used to convert 4 pins to 2 for recording purpose, is applicable to a great number of telephone models, satisfying the requirements of most users.
 Equalizes and enlarges the volume of headphone and microphone for mix output.

 Uses a standard RJ11 jack for output, allowing connection with a variety of analog voice boards.

 Applicable to a plenty of analog and digital phone models.

 Optional between A-type and B-type via a transfer switch. 




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