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SoftSwitch Telephone Voice Recorder - Voice loggers !

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U might call it a telephone logger, recording telephone conversations, telephone audio recording, telephone recorder, but wherever its called we at SoftSwitch Telephone Recordings solutions will be able to assist you in performing that task. You are at the right place for cost effective pricing and service.

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For Remote assistance
SoftSwitch Remote Suport Simple and small customer module, runs immediately without installation and does not require administrative rights - optimized for instant support Internet/Intranet based Manager Windows or Hosted Web based (Intranet or internet) telephone voice recording file management system
No PC Required Analog Recorder


Gone are the days of having to use a computer and special software just to record your conversations.  The SDT-1 Phone Tap has a stylish new look, smaller than the original, but packs an amazing 280 hours of recording time (Depending on SD card storage capacity).  The SDT-1 is an easy-to-use stand-alone telephone recording system that automatically records your telephone conversations.  These conversations are stored internally to a removable SD card.  It is AC powered, and does not need to be connected to any other devices to record.

Operation Instructions
SoftSwitch Prime Recorders - Analog USB
Analog Line USB recorders 16

1 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
2 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
4 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
8 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
16 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter

These units are stackable, that means that you can plug more than 1 unit/PC (Win7 Pro Only). (Other OS not tested)

Digital Handset Adapters
Capture1 Equalizes and enlarges the volume of headphone and microphone for mix output.
Uses a standard RJ11 jack for output, allowing connection with a variety of analog voice boards.
Applicable to a plenty of analog and digital phone models.
Optional between A-type and B-type via a transfer switch.
 ad004 SS Digital Handset Adapter. Connects your handset to our Prime USB or Pro recording devices. No power required. Small & Economically priced.Optional between A-type and B-type via a transfer switch. Uses a standard RJ11 jack for output, allowing connection with a variety of analog voice boards.
SoftSwitch Pro Recorders (PCI & USB) Analog , Digital & PRI
Capture The ATP series SHT-2B/USB and SHT-4B/USB are the recording boxes using analog telephone lines and USB1.1 interface. With various recording modules configured in a different way, they can enable the high-impedance recording of the analog phone line via parallel connection and the direct recording of the microphone.

PCI Range voice recording card

16 or 8 Channel Telephone Recording Board with software Stackable in PCI slots on PC. Analog systems. ..

Product Introduction.......................

Zoom_PSTN_SHD240 The SHD Series, an open-access framework, delivers developers and integrators a new level of flexibility while reducing total lifecycle costs. The SHD series is available in either PCI or cPCI form factors, and satisfies both rich media processing and digital PSTN interface needs in a wide range of voice and signaling applications.
VOIP Recorder

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) recording is a subset of telephone recording or voice logging, first used by call centers and now being used by all types of businesses. There are many reasons for recording VoIP call traffic such as: reducing company vulnerability to lawsuits by maintaining recorded evidence, complying with laws, increasing security, employee training and performance reviews, enhancing employee control and alignment, verifying data, sharing data as well as customer satisfaction and enhancing call center agent morale[


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Cell Phone Recorder
Killer Mobile
  1. Beep Free S60 Call Recording available on nearly EVERY Symbian S60 device including Symbian^3, S60 3rd & S60 5th
  2. Automatic, Manual or even List based Mobile Call Recording
  3. Call Recording up to the Limits of your Memory in AMR & WAV formats
  4. Full dictaphone / voice recorder functionality - record memos, lectures, meetings and more!
  5. AutoSend Recorded Audio Clips via MMS & Email (requires a native email account on your device)
  6. Manually transfer/send Recorded Audio via MMS, Bluetooth & Email
  7. Intuitively Named Audio Clips with the ability rename, add notes and more!
  8. Extremely flexible Call Recording Options
  9. Optional Hot Key Based Call & Voice Recording
  10. Password Protection, Autostart & Much, Much More!
  11. FREE Updates for the Life of your device! Registration is valid for the life of the originally registered device!

Compatible Devices

USB Sound Card The USB sound card is a true plug and play device. The drivers are stored within the hardware which means they are always available. The device offers Mic In and Headphone Out.